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Top 10 Tips for finding your dream holiday in Phuket: Tip#3

Now you are well on your way to finding your dream holiday in Phuket. Your first port of call was Tripadvisor where you created a shortlist of potential locations and resorts. You then visited the leading Hotel Booking Sites to hone down your search further in terms of budget and to establish a base price for the hotels on your shortlist. Now it’s time to connect and engage with your shortlisted resorts on a social level.

Tip #3: Connect with your dream resort on Facebook.

Some people haven’t yet bought into the idea of Facebook, but believe me it is so much more than reconnecting with distant school friends. It can be a virtual goldmine of travel related information and is well worth the time setting up a Facebook account for this reason alone. Assuming you are one of the 500 million+ people that actively use Facebook, then you are likely to be part of the 78% of people who are influenced by the opinions of their peers (as noted by Erik Qualman @equalman author of Socialnomics). This makes Facebook your ideal platform for consumer research of any kind. Type Phuket into Facebook’s search box and the first results shown will be those profiles and pages that your friends have already engaged with on some level.

Facebook Search Results influenced by my friends

Facebook Search Results influenced by my friends

Imagine if you find that the top 3 results in your Facebook search for Phuket are actually the Facebook Profiles or Fanpages for hotels/resorts that are on your shortlist. How far will knowing your friends opinions about these places go towards influencing your decision on which resort to choose? How cool would it be to read the latest posts from your friends on your desired location in Phuket? This is easily done by selecting the ‘posts by friends’ option.

Facebook Post by Friends Search Results for Karon Beach

The social aspect of Facebook means you can then very easily connect with each of your friends or even engage them all together in a discussion about the best location for your dream holiday in Phuket.

Even if you’r friends haven’t posted about your desired resort, you can borrow someone else’s friends by searching for ‘Posts by everyone’ to see if anything about you favourite location or resort in phuket comes up.

Facebook Search Posts by Everyone

Facebook Search Posts by Everyone

You can quickly form an opinion of each location or resort on your shortlist based on up-to-date, socially generated information. If these methods don’t yield any results for your dream resort, then carry out a general search as chances are they have a Facebook presence. Request to become a ‘friend’ of that resort or ‘like’ their fanpage and that will give you a chance to engage with the resort on a level that was not previously possible.

Connecting with your dream resort in Phuket via Facebook means not only connecting with the marketing and public relations team at the resort, but also connecting with fellow guests who engage with this resort and form part of their community on Facebook. This can be a really useful method  of quickly obtaining information about a resort or Phuket in general from a variety of sources.

Island Tour recommendations from our Thavorn Beach Facebook Community

Island Tour recommendations from our Thavorn Beach Facebook Community

Once you have connected with your dream resort, you may also be able to take advantage of some great Facebook offers such as our Friends of Thavorn Promotion.

This is where your research on the Hotel Booking Sites will come in handy as you will have established a base price for each hotel and now you can look around on Facebook to see what special offers can top those prices.

Stay tuned for my 4th Tip for finding that dream holiday in Phuket.



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