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Top Tips for The Perfect Phuket Mai Tai.

If you live in Phuket and like to drink Red Wine you will find that it is a little on the expensive side (upwards of 1000 THB for a cheap bottle of decent plonk). On the plus side, at least you CAN now buy decent Red Wine, as when I first visited Thailand over 9 years ago, it was woefully in short supply. I have however, found a cheeky and very gluggable 3 litre box of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon for only 700 THB, but I am not sharing any more information on this as the shop keeps running out of stock.

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

So, if you are looking for a delicious and cheaper alternative to Red Wine for those nights by the pool, read on, because the tips and special recipe I am about to share will take you on a wonderful journey into the ‘enlightened’ world of cocktail making. (After all, Phuket is a tropical island)

1. Know Your Source

I happen to know a fantastic source of wholesale liquor at bargain prices near to Phuket Town. Coming out of Phuket Town on the road past the Jatujak Night Market, you turn left onto the bypass road and a couple of hundred yards on the right hand side is the ‘blink and you will miss it’ Prom Pan Store. You can be forgiven for driving right by this place and being blissfully unaware of it’s existence as it looks very inconspicuous from the outside. Once you step through the door however, oh my lord,  it opens up into a veritable Aladdin’s cave of imported beverages.

2. Deviate from Instruction Manuals

Having acquired several books of cocktail recipes from the delightful shop assistant at Prom Pan, we gleefully purchased all of the necessary ingredients at what turned out to be a very reasonable price. It wasn’t long before I concocted my own version of the Long island Ice Tea, the ‘Wrong Island Ice Tea

Wrong Island Ice Teas

Wrong Island Ice Teas

a guestamation of 5 large shots of numerous white spirits which proved to be too blue for a school night. For this reason,  I’ve now gravitated towards and perfected the fabulous Phuket Mai Tai and my girlfriend tells me they are pretty damn good.

3. Make a Pitcher

The recipe I’m about to share is rather Moorish, so make a pitcher. I don’t do measures, so the numbers relate to the seconds you pour in the ingredient i.e. 1000, 2000, 3000, so for the Perfect Phuket Mai Tai

The Perfect Phuket Mai Tai

The Perfect Phuket Mai Tai

4. Ingredients

8000 White Rum
8000 Dark Rum
8000 Triple Sec
6000 Grenadine (alternatively add Bubblegum flavour syrup for the green version)
24000 Pineapple Juice
24000 Orange Juice.
4 Whole Fresh Lime quartered and squeezed into the glass.
Crushed Ice

5. Method

Fill the pitcher a quarter full of crushed ice. Pour the White Rum, Dark Rum, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime, Grenadine over the crushed ice and give it a good ol’ stir. Add the orange and pineapple juice to the pitcher, roughly about 50 50 for the space remaining. Don’t bother with the garnish of a slice of lime as frankly it is a waste of lime.

And there you have it. The Perfect Phuket Mai Tai.

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