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Spring Cleaning with Google+

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The Early Days of Google+

In light of Google+’s well received arrival on the social networking scene, I am not about to jump on the ‘Facebook bashing’ bandwagon, but I have to admit that Google+ has kickstarted my waining interest in Social Networking again.

This dampening in my enthusiasm might have been down in part to the feeling that my social network of choice ‘Facebook’ was turning into an untended, overgrown, weed-ridden garden with far too many random and less than blossoming connections choking my News Stream. Indeed, I seemed to be spending an unacceptable amount of time Killing weeds from my news stream in the vague hope that they wouldn’t reappear.

To be fair to Facebook, they did put in some landscaping features to help maintain this ever increasing tangled mess of connections, but the news stream ‘filters’ and counter intuitive ‘ friend list’ functionality meant that I had little or no interest in spring cleaning my account and only had a vague notion of what content I was planting in which flower bed of connections.

Then Google throws it’s hat into the social networking ring (or circle) and  in a fanfare of tantalising ‘invite only’ Google+ accounts it seems like someone has finally taken the initiative and developed a means of sharing & receiving content within designated circles of connections. Early indications are that it will empower users to take control and cultivate their social networking gardens watching them  grow again in a more landscaped and orderly fashion.

Google+ has raised the bar in social networking and it is exciting times for us, the end user, as we wait to see how Facebook and others hit back.

Will you be using Google+ to Spring Clean your Social Networks or taking a different approach?

Roger Gibson
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