5 Reasons why you can’t miss the Similan Islands

I very nearly did miss the Similan Islands, the alarm call was 5.20am and I was up drinking cocktails with friends until after 3am. Fortunately, I scrambled out of bed and miraculously had the foresight to pack my stuff the night before. I crept onto the mini-bus and promptly fell asleep, waking up only when we reached the the dive shop in Khao Lak some 2 plus hours later.

Similan Pro Dive Centre, Khao Lak

Similan Pro Dive Centre, Khao Lak

For a day trip, there was a fair amount of traveling involved for a few hours of pure pleasure, but had I missed this tour I would have missed out on one of the greatest privilages I have had in my entire life. You know that feeling when you genuinely feel privileged to be somewhere? Well, that’s how I felt about the Similan Islands.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t think twice about the travel time and be sure that you make that alarm call.

1. Snorkelling and Diving

The Similan Islands enjoy National Park status, so the snorkeling was pretty special. I didn’t dive on this occasion, but this is one of the world’s most renowned dive sites so you won’t be dissapointed. The Similan Islands are open from October until May when the national park shuts down for the Monsoon Season, so make sure to check first that tours are still running. I wanted to go last year, but just missed out.

I booked a one day snorkeling and island tour, but there are a number of different options including one day dive packages, live aboard, padi open water courses and snorkeling with over night camping.

When we arrived, I was feeling pretty hung over from the night before , but I don’t think there is any better way to spend your time than snorkeling and find this actually serves as a remarkably good remedy.

Snorkelling in the Similan Islands

Snorkelling in the Similan Islands

Sometimes I go on energetic pursuits after all manner of amazing looking tropical fish, but I especially like wearing a life jacket and just floating along looking at any fish that catch my attention. Magical and so relaxing !!! Wearing a life jacket also means you can avoid nasty sunburn on your back, although you still need to be put suntan lotion on exposed parts of your body, as the water is so crystal clear it acts like a magnifying glass.

There were plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and the Pro Dive Team were serious professionals who knew all the top spots.

2. Swimming & beaches

The beaches and crystal clear waters of the Similan Islands are text book perfection. I floated on my back in the warm waters staring up at the sun for an unhealthy amount of time and buried my feet in the soft white sand, which I seem to find very relaxing also. The Similan Islands were a seriously tranquil, peaceful place, quite the dream state and every second in the paradise felt like the best I will likely spend in my lifetime.

Beach at Similan Islands

Beach at Similan Islands

3. Natural Beauty

In some parts of the Similan islands, I felt like I was on another planet. The Natural Beauty was otherworldly and I felt like I had stepped in to a CGI movie with George Lucas or James Cameron at the helm, dreaming up their versions of paradise in other galaxies.

Stunning Natural Beauty in the Similan Islands

Stunning Natural Beauty in the Similan Islands

Sail Rock, Similan Islands

Sail Rock, Similan Islands

4. Camping Overnight

If I had more time away from my job in Phuket, then I would have loved to stay overnight on the Similan Islands, to prolong my time in this magical place and stay in one of these kick ass camouflage tents next to the beach.

Camping in the Similan Islands

Camping in the Similan Islands

This surely must be classed as one of the worlds greatest camp sites and this utopian paradise had a tranquil atmosphere that despite increased tourism to the area felt like it would remain this way for a long time for the privileged few.

5. Viewpoints

There are 2 viewpoints on the islands that we visited (islands 8 and 9) both providing absolutely breathtaking views. The first is an easy trek with bountiful rewards

Perfect White Sand and impossibly clear waters of the Similan Islands

Perfect White Sand and impossibly clear waters of the Similan Islands

but reaching the second is a mission. Getting up to this viewpoint is unbelievably good fun, equal parts climbing and rock climbing along wooden walkways, hoisting yourself up rock faces by rope, over felled trees, under felled trees, squeezing  through cracks in rock formations up muddy slopes, but at the end of it the pay off is spectacular.

Similan Islands beach from viewpoint.

Similan Islands beach from viewpoint.

After my day of adventure, I slept most of the bus journey back to Phuket and woke up as we reached my condominium. This gave the strange sense that I might have dreamt the whole thing, but I am happy with that, as if it was a dream, it would have looked a whole lot like the Similan islands.

I booked this tour through Phuket Travel Company in Patong and I think you will tell I was impressed. 5/5

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